We publish step-by-step tutorials, or guides, on how-to configure privacy tools. Our content caters to beginners, new to digital privacy, who are trying to protect their online anonymity.

Looking to install a VPN on Ubuntu Linux? Our article explains how to quickly get a VPN running.
this image shows netflix on a laptop
Want to learn how to change your region in Netflix? If you don't know how, Netflix will block your content.
Learning how to unblock websites using a VPN is easy. Our guide covers website unblocking for sites like Netflix and school networks.
VPN routers are easy to set up. This guide explains some general configuration tips for routing all your traffic through a VPN.
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This is an image of Netflix streaming on a laptop
So how do you use a VPN for unblocking Netflix? It's not hard!
Learning how to use a free VPN safely isn't hard. Our guide covers the seven most important tips for privacy-proofing a free VPN.
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Want to use Snapchat or Instagram at school? There are a few tricks that unblock both services. But you can get punished for them.
This is an image of a security camera that has a human eye attached to it
Social media and privacy and mostly incompatible but you can reduce how much data you share with a few simple tips.
This is an image of the Amazon Echo, an Internet of Things (IoT) device
Internet of Things (IoT) devices might secure you against street crime but they don't do a great job guarding you against privacy invasions. This article explains some of those privacy concerns and how to fix them. Let's start by looking at the ways that IoT devices can breach your privacy, and how to avoid them. 1. IoT Home Hub Devices Record...
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Learning how to install a VPN on Kodi isn't hard. This article covers installation and setup on Windows from the Microsoft Store and from a downloaded executable file. Why Use a VPN for Kodi? Using a VPN is a good security practice. Although imperfect for complete privacy, a VPN can protect its user against many kinds of ISP snooping. We recommend...