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We explain, in easy-to-understand language, today’s latest trends in online privacy and online-privacy related topics.

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There are plenty of websites on the internet that let you stream movies, and MoviesJoy is one of them. But is MoviesJoy safe, and can you get into trouble for using it? Let's explore MoviesJoy and if it's safe to use? What Is MoviesJoy? MoviesJoy is a video-directory...
Mobdro offers every sports channel for free. Sounds great, right? But are you downloading more than you bargain for?
Is Putlocker safe? It depends on which one you use, whether you use a VPN, and whether you live in a country where it's legal.
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Is Popcorn Time safe? It's open source but it's also a BitTorrent client. That doesn't mean you won't get in trouble using it. Here's why.
The Fourteen Eyes alliance is an intelligence sharing network. But who are they and what data do they collect?
What is a proxy server? A proxy helps disguise where your web traffic originates. However, they aren't perfect, particularly the free ones.
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Instagram may be blocked in China but you can unblock it with an Instagram. But be careful!
Do you need a VPN at home? It depends on the level of privacy required. For those looking to protect against hackers, you don't. But almost everyone else does.
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Is Startpage legitimate? It offers high-end privacy features, external security audits, and low data collection. But it isn't perfect. Our mini review of Startpage explains what you get.
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Companies collect data about what you think and do, but they aren’t the only ones interested in this information. Law-enforcement agencies sometimes want access, and when they do, they can compel companies to hand it over. Some can even make these companies swear to secrecy about the whole affair. Many companies don’t like this, so they’ve adopted a tactic called...
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Are VPNs legal? You might assume the answer is a simple one---of course they are! But that's not entirely true. Different countries have different laws regarding the use of VPNs. The regulations can affect you if you're a resident of those places, but can also impact you if you're traveling there for work or pleasure. Today, we're going to look at...