Privacy Tools

Privacy Tools covers the latest software and practices for protecting your online anonymity. Our coverage includes paid, free, and open source options.

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If you live somewhere with severe internet censorship, you might not be able to use a VPN to bypass restrictions, as VPNs may be blocked in your country. If this is the case but you still want to access the internet freely, you can try an alternative called a Shadowsocks proxy. What Is...
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Open-source password managers offer a combination of transparency and security. This article summarizes the best auditable options.
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Chrome privacy extensions aren't always private. This list includes some of the best add-ons for Google's less-than-private browser.
Proxy browsers let users bypass DNS blocking right inside your browser. We've got the top three and tips on how to use them.
All VPNs claim to not log user data. But the best no-logs VPNs prove it with third-party audits. This list shows which companies deserve your business. is dead but our list of alternatives are just like FlixTor. Expect similar movies using the same polished user interface.
Open source VPNs provide higher transparency compared to close source products. We cover the top six.
All VPNs work with Netflix. The problem is none work 100% of the time. This article lists the ones most likely to work.
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What is a SOCKS5 proxy? They plug into browsers and torrent clients. But they don't encrypt data!
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What is a VPN kill switch? It's seen on most of today's VPNs. But does it fully protect you?
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The best private search engines combine privacy, security, and reliability. But what's the absolute best and why?
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The most secure password managers combine transparency, encryption, and functionality. Our list covers the top four.
Should you use a free VPS?
A free VPS may seem great on the surface but a closer inspection reveals a few rotten details.
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The mainstream search engines are a privacy nightmare. They log your search history, track the links you're clicking on, and record a near-endless amount of data about your viewing habits. Unfortunately, from a search-results perspective, they're also the best. Companies like Google and Yahoo have vast budgets, allowing them to create the most sophisticated algorithms and deliver the most relevant...
IPSec vs. OpenVPN vs. SSTP comparisons always favor OpenVPN. Read on to find out why this is.
While ProtonVPN is the best choice here, it's far from perfect. In general, free VPNs are generally not good privacy tools, except for bypassing regional restrictions on streaming media.
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WireGuard compares well to OpenVPN being newer. But OpenVPN offers better flexibility. Read on for a comparison between the two.
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Need a FlixTor alternative? This article summarizes the best FlixTor-like apps and websites around.
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Comparing a proxy vs. a VPN? Proxies and VPNs come with advantages and potentially dangerous disadvantages.
VPN alternatives, like ZPA Zscaler, seedboxes, VPS, and other technologies can make VPNs and proxy-usage obsolete. VPN servers can be useful for your privacy, but there are times when they're not so ideal. What are some good VPN alternatives, and where does each one shine? Let's explore each alternative and find one perfect for your needs. Use a Proxy Server to Hide...